AIR-S26A – Powered installation speaker

AIR-series has been created as a series of installation-dedicated speakers, backed up with various mounting hardware options for ease and set-up versatility. Installation subwoofers benefit from an interior-friendly form factor, complete with several neat mounting options including a low-profile wall mounting adapter and ceiling bracket, and additionally equipped with an M10 safety mounting point.

AIR-S26A is a subcompact powered installation subwoofer tailormade to bring a smooth and deep low-frequency reinforcement into settings where space is critical and visual low profile is a must. It is based on two 6,5” high excursion woofers, a noise-free vent design, and state-of-the-art amplification for precision sound tuning.

AIR-S26A can be mounted onto the wall using the rear or side mounting points and also placed in a narrow niche.

Product description:

Powered installation subwoofer

Main features:

• 600 W Amplifier power

• 2x 6,5”, 1,75” VC Driver

• 122 dB Max SPL(half-space)

• VESA 200 x 200; AIR-CB-26 ceiling mounting points; M10 safety mounting point

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