AIR-S26 – MAG Audio’s ultra-compact installation subwoofer

MAG Audio continues its parade of new product launches. This time it is a new addition to the very recently introduced AIR-C installation series. Of course, while emphasizing the high quality of the sound, we couldn’t leave out the bass component either. Please meet our MAG AIR S26 Subwoofer!

The installation requirements in most establishments are such that no one wants to clutter the interior of the room with too large speakers. While the requirements for good sound quality remain the same. For this development, we have combined the user feedback with our extensive installation experience, which resulted in the elegant ultra-compact AIR S26 subwoofer.

It fits nicely into any interior and can be installed vertically or horizontally on almost any surface, whether on a floor, a wall, or from the ceiling. Even an invisible, recessed installation is provided using embedding in a wall niche.

There is no longer the need to sacrifice the usable space of the establishment. The reproduction of the lowest frequencies is beautiful and rich, even in the tightest spaces. This ensures a true listening pleasure for all visitors and even audiophiles. Which offers additional reasons to become more regular customers.

The MAG AIR S26 subwoofer is an elegant low-profile plywood bass-reflex box. It houses two 6.5″ woofers with very long-excursion diffusers which provide a large linear movement without distortion. Its massive, optimized magnet system and high-performance copper coil allow precise speaker control and result in a crisp, rich bass. To reduce distortion, upper and lower aluminum rings are installed on the magnetic system, including those that perform the function of a heat sink. This guarantees high power and output of the speaker system. The speaker itself also includes a triple cooling system.

The vent design is made according to a low-noise scheme, which eliminates the audibility of air flows even at a close range. With its compact size, the MAG Air S26 Sub can provide playback from 41 Hz at a level of -10 dB and peak pressure of 130.5 dB (quarter space).

The subwoofer can be supplied with one of two mounting options (wall AIR-WB or ceiling AIR-CB26) or without it. The type of configuration (floor, wall, or ceiling) must be selected at the time of ordering. Additionally, the MAG Air S26 is also very easy to use on horizontal surfaces. Given its low profile (16.5 cm), it can easily fit under a sofa, table, low stage, etc.

The standard color options are black and white, but special orders (by RAL color chart) are also available. The subwoofer is not afraid of moisture as it comes with IP54 protection. This new model is already available for pre-order, and the delivery to the warehouse is expected by the end of March.