MAG Audio STING 8 — A versatile high-quality point source loudspeaker

Today we would like to remind you of the STING 8, a model whose presentation was a bit blurry because it appeared during the covid lockdown and therefore did not receive proper marketing support. Since this is one of our best creations, we think it’s obvious to (re)present this model to you in more detail. Partly because MAG is expanding its Sting Series and will be adding a new model soon.

With the appearance of line arrays also began an epidemic of refusals from sound engineers of other types of portals, who swore that line arrays are always better and that there is no point in even looking at other options. In many cases this is correct, but there are still many scenarios that can be solved more easily, better and many times cheaper using point loudspeakers.

A point source loudspeaker has quite a few advantages. All in all, if it delivers sufficient SPL with good sound quality and the right coverage area, it can be a more attractive solution than a line array in terms of sound quality, consistency, and ease of use. Just point the speaker cabinet at the desired area and let it do its job. The result of the interaction of modules in a calculator doesn’t need to be calculated. Moreover, with a point source, there are fewer amplification channels and commutation, plus the weight and size of the kit are also significantly reduced.

If you are looking for high-quality sound for a small venue (e.g., a concert hall for up to 300 people, or a small club/restaurant, etc.) then it makes sense to consider the MAG Audio Sting 8 set + suitable subwoofers (depending on the music style). The result is guaranteed to surprise you in a very positive way. More so because we’ve included the ability to scale up to 2 x Sting 8 when working in a hanging cluster. This considerably expands the possibilities and allows you to cover qualitatively a wide vertical angle.

The STING 8 is a compact 2-way passive loudspeaker system built with high-quality MAG components in a bass-reflex enclosure: two coherently arranged neodymium 8′ woofers and a 1.5-inch neodymium HF driver, which are perfectly phase-matched by design, delivering high performance and very low distortion. 

MAG STING 8 main technical parameters:

✔️ 2×8″ woofers with 2.5″ voice coil

✔️ 1.5” HF driver with 2.8” voice coil

✔️ Power (RMS): 600 W

✔️ Sensitivity/Max SPL: 98/135* dB

✔️ Frequency Response: 65 – 19000 Hz

✔️ 608 x 267 x 350 mm, 19.8 kg

The mounting accessories have been carefully designed to make the use as versatile and easy as possible, and at the same time cover the maximum possible options for both fixed installations and rentals.

As a first option there is the ST8-HA, there is the ST8-PM adapter for 35mm pole mounts that can tilt back and forth. This allows you to install the speakers individually on pole stands as well as on a stand above the subwoofer.

Secondly, there’s the ST8-FL flying adapter that allows adjusting the angle of inclination. An optional ST8-LNK adjustable vertical coupling bracket allows for connecting two speakers at an angle of 20, 30, and 40 degrees to create a vertical cluster.

A third mount option is a classic U-shaped ST8-UB bracket that helps to install the speaker horizontally on any surface, with flexible angle adjustment. Incidentally, the horn of the driver is not only rotatable (making it easy to choose the dispersion plane) but also replaceable (110° x 40° or 70° x 40°). These can be ordered separately as an accessory.

A versatility of use (both rental and stationary installations):

✔️ Flying FOH portals, incl. a cluster of 2 pcs.

✔️ Pole mount full-range PA system (both standalone and on the subwoofer)

✔️ Front-fills, side-fills, out-fills

✔️ Delay lines

✔️ Zonal loudspeakers

✔️ Under-balcony sound system

For easy moving between locations and to protect the appearance of the speaker systems, special travel cases ST8-FC2 are available that can accommodate two STINGs. For outdoor use, we offer IP versions of these speakers that support the IP54 standard and are weatherproof.

Modifications of STING 8:

✔️ STING 8 – 114 (110° x 40° or 40° x 110° rotatable horn)

✔️ STING 8 – 74 (70° x 40° or 40° x 70° rotatable horn)

✔️ STING 8 IP – 114 (IP54, 110° x 40° or 40° x 110° rotatable horn)

✔️ STING 8 IP – 74 (IP54, 70° x 40° or 40° x 70° rotatable horn)

The loudspeaker cabinet and most accessories are also available in white and can optionally be produced in all RAL colors.

The MAG Sting 8 is a very versatile, compact, and high-quality point speaker with powerful and detailed sound that can solve a wide variety of tasks. In many cases, the Sting 8 also eliminates the excessive effort and expense associated with using line arrays.

These are simply the type of loudspeakers that will always gain popularity in any rental company or fixed installation!