WASP-S15 – Passive arrayable subwoofer

WASP has received the most advanced components to assist with task of creating the ultimate compact line-array solution.

Thoroughly designed cabinets, most advanced proprietary mounting system, and wide selection of mounting and connectivity accessories was called in to provide the fast mounting\dismounting times, as well as ease of transportation and storage.

The WASP-S15 has been designed to be a reliable low-frequency support for WASP line array. Based on 15’’ LF woofer, the system delivers 137 dB of sound pressure. Featuring specifically designed integrated hardware, WASP-S15 can be used both in a stack or in a flown cluster.

Product description:

Passive arrayable subwoofer

Main features:

• 1000 W nominal power

• 15” woofer with 4” voice coil

• Efficient hybrid horn design

• 137 dB Max SPL

• Integrated flying hardware

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